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T-Light Pro DCU2 (mesh network)

Telematics T-Light DCU2 Pro Data Communication Unit

The T-Light Data Communication Unit 2 Pro, DCU2 Pro, utilizes an RF Mesh
topology to manage information traffic and commands for both individual lighting units and for groups of lights.

The DCU2 Pro stores all status and energy consumption information of the remote Luminaire Control Units (T-Light LCU), and using robust and encrypted two-way communications, the DCU communicates with the Central Management System (CMS), and transmits all control commands to the luminaires. The DCU provides the monitoring status of each luminaire, including in aggregative energy and active power consumption. It provides detailed parameters and values, such as voltage, current, power and temperature.

The DCU2 Pro can control up to 1000 LCUs; multiple networked clusters of luminaires, each controlled by a DCU2 Pro, can be combined to form a wider T-Light Pro system network.


• Manages the light pole network remotely using advanced management software

• Built-in Cellular modem

• Configurable alerts provided by SMS or EMAIL

• Can act as smart street light controller – replaces the traditional street light programmable logic controllers with advanced scheduling properties

• Cellular communication for remote management

• Supports over the air firmware upgrade

• ModBus interface to Power Meters and I/Os (DCU2-C).

Available options include

The DCU2 Pro when configured with its modem and power supply, forms three
different models:

DCU2-I for indoor use. A housing unit contains the DCU2 Pro and the modem, the power supply is external.

DCU2-E for external use. The DCU2 Pro and modem are contained inside a housing unit, the power supply is mounted to the housing unit. The unit can be mounted directly onto a light pole, or placed in the preferred customer location.

DCU2-C should be mounted inside a free standing cabinet; the cabinet can be placed indoors or outdoors The DCU2 Pro, modem, and power supply are mounted on a DIN Rail EN-50022.