Every luminaire and lighting system has to meet stringent international standards. here’s a guide to the technical information for the products Techlight supply.


Introduction to Smart Lighting

Understand the possibilities when technology is used to control lighting levels. Here’s the basics.


LED Technology

Using LED technology to light highways and urban areas saves big percentages of energy usage. Not only do LEDs use much less energy to produce the same level of light as other technologies, but also because they produce a white light, the human eye will see in “true” colour and the brain will perceive the presence of a person or object in a much shorter time – thus improving road safety and personal security. Read more on LED Technology


Intelligent Lighting Control

Smart lighting control means that the level of light can be adapted to needs and current conditions – for example dimming at low traffic volume times, increasing light levels in poor weather and heavy traffic.  LEDs can be networked, monitored and controlled remotely. Dynamically managed lighting control coupled with the switch to LED could lead to energy savings as high as 50%. Read more on Lighting Control


Smart Network Technology

Different technologies suit different situations. Telematic’s T-Light family offers Smart Lighting Control and Monitoring Systems differentiated by their coverage, features, configurations, and prices. They also offer seamless scalability as the customer’s needs change and expand. Read more on Smart Network Technology


Hazardous Area Zones

Petrel specialise in manufacturing luminaires for use in Hazardardous Areas. Hazardous areas are classified into zones, based on duration and frequency of an explosive atmosphere. All luminaires are ATEX certified and they carry marking to denote their certificate level. Read more on Hazardous Area Zones


High Abuse and Correctional Standards

Survivor Lighting design and manufacture luminaires for use in high abuse applications. They need to withstand impacts, intrusion, ingress of dust and water and tampering. Read more about these technical standards


LED Technology in Horticulture

AEC’s LED Grow Light can stimulate photosynthesis perfectly, extend the daylight period to give year-round production, make indoor growing possible and plan climate conditions according to the needs of different plants. Read more about AEC’s Grow Lights