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T-Light Galaxy DCU (star network)

Telematics T-Light Galaxy DCU

T-Light DCU Galaxy is a principal component of the T-Light Galaxy long-range street light control network.

DCU Galaxy is installed on a strategically chosen site with a high antenna, and can control up to 50,000 light poles within a radius of up to 30 kilometres.

The Data Communication Unit (DCU) uses robust and encrypted two-way communications to manage information traffic and commands for both individual lighting units and for groups of lights. Storing all status and energy consumption information of the remote Luminaire Control Units (T-Light LCU), the DCU communicates with the Central Management Software (using TALQ protocol) and transmits all control commands to the luminaires. The DCU provides the monitoring status of each luminaire, including aggregative energy and active power consumption. It provides detailed parameters and values, such as voltage, current, power and temperature and is capable of other SMART functions (movement, noise and other sensors etc).


• Licensed Frequency band

• Long communication range enabling wide area coverage

• Control, Monitor, and Manage up to 50,000 Luminaires with a single Gateway

• Supports over the air firmware upgrade

• Manages the light pole network remotely using advanced management software

• Configurable alerts provided by SMS or EMAIL

• Back-up option

• Control all fixtures within a radius of 10 kilometres (urban), or up to 30 kilometres (rural)

• Stores network and individual luminaire data and history

• Easy remote management and upgrading

• On-Board NMS

• Highest level of security and encryption

Available options include

The Galaxy DCU can read, monitor, and control Galaxy enabled utility meters