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The OSLO SPOT Light from AEC provides the perfect accent lighting in urban settings. The product has specific spot optics with different beam angles,
to meet all installation needs.

– Aluminium body and steel glare shield.

– Polyurethane seal without junction points. Stainless steel closure springs.

– Highly transparent tempered glass.

– Installations: collar fixing (diameters on request).

– Removable optical and gear tray compartment. Opening wiring harness and optical compartment with commonly used tools without sealed parts with adhesives. Modular optical system TABLED

Weight and dimensions: ø200x460mm – 4.5kg

Protection degree IP66.

Available options include


SP25: Symmetrical spot optic.

SP40: Symmetrical spot optic.

Available dimming options:

F: Fixed power not dimmable.

DA: Automatic dimming (virtual midnight) with default profile.

DAC: Custom DA profile.

FLC: Constant light flux.

Powder coating colours on request.