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The new ALO LED lighting system from AEC Illuminazione is specially designed to meet the many lighting needs of sports facilities. It allows maximum design flexibility and ensures high performance, long-lasting lighting.

ALO respects all the parameters required by the sports federations and the stringent requirements of international TV broadcast. In addition, thanks to the high quality and technological aspect, it contributes to make the sport facility a multifunctional place.

The ALO series ensures exceptional light quality, effective thermal management and long lasting performance. The floodlights are made of die-cast aluminum and have been designed to minimize both the surface exposed to the wind and the weight.


One of the strengths of the ALO series is its excellent thermal management and high heat dissipation capacity. ALO presents, in fact, a particular peripheral dissipation system, obtained through the combined action of fins and open ducts, designed to create a greater flow of laminar air. This efficient thermal dissipation guarantees a very long life of the
floodlight and high reliability.


ALO is available with a high-performance SPOT Optical System, specifically developed to meet all installation requirements in professional sports fields. The system consists of 7 different symmetrical floodlighting optics for punctual lighting in the pitch. The high availability of beams allows the designer to optimize light in every direction with extreme flexibility. The SPORT PROFESSIONAL solution uses specific LED sources for high-grade TLCI Television Broadcasts.


AEC has patented an innovative lighting technique for sports fields
that makes the installation of the floodlights extremely simple, without resorting to precise aiming. The B-ASYMMETRIC optical system has been created specifically for lighting recreational sports facilities, where the installation of the luminaires can also be performed by non-expert personnel, making assembly extremely quick and easy. Furthermore, it allows to limit the number of luminaires and also allows reusing of existing infrastructures.

Available options include

The ALO series includes three floodlights, ALO 1 ALO 2 and ALO 3, in three different versions to meet any installation needs:

– with separate external driver for remote use

– with driver mounted on the fixing bracket

– with a patented barycentric fixing system MicroMoover.

C-Bracket Fixing System

The C Bracket is made of die-cast aluminum. It is adjustable and tiltable on the horizontal plane from +20° to +75° with graduated steps with controlled release of 5°. Additional micro-adjustment of ±2.5° every 0,5° with graduated slots for intermediate values at the main adjustment. It is also available for inverted mounting, guaranteeing great installation versatility.

MicroMoover Fixing System

The innovative MicroMoover barycentric fixing is ideal for suspended installation of ALO in limited spaces (for example under the roof cover of grandstands). Furthermore MicroMoover simplifies pointing operations. This fixing system allows adjustment on several planes and axes: main adjustment with tilt range in the horizontal plane from +20° to +75°. Additional micro-adjustment from 0° to +10° for intermediate values to the main adjustment. Rotation range on vertical axis ±180°.