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7 series Standard (Ex d) Zone 1

Certification Code: Ex d II 2 G IIB or IIC T5 or T4

Protection: IP 66

Robust fluorescent lighting equipment suitable for zone 1 gas and dust hazardous area environments.

See Zone definitions here

Extremely versatile allowing a wide range of lamps to be fitted from 8W to 58W.

Minimum 3 hour duration emergency models are fitted with integral batteries and charging units for ease of fitting and maintenance.

Manufactured from impact resistant polycarbonate and high specification marine grade aluminium, the fitting is supplied anodised and painted.

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Available options include


Through wiring (loop in, loop out) installation option. Use /TW suffix on reference code

Single lamp versions:

7108/S1/240/50 (1x8W)

7118/S2/240/50 (1x18W)

7136/S4/240/50 (1x36W)

7158/S5/240/50 (1x58W)

7170/S6/240/50 (1x70W)

Twin lamp versions:

7208/S1/240/50 (2x8W)

7218/S2/240/50 (2x18W)

7236/S4/240/50 (2x36W)

7258/S5/240/50 (2x58W)

7270/S6/240/50 (2x70W)


S1 1x8W, 2x8W (448mm, 1ft)

S2 1x18W, 2x18W (752mm, 2ft)

S4 1x36W, 2x36W (1362mm, 4ft)

S5 1x58W, 2x58W (1662mm, 5ft)

S6 1x70W, 2x70W (1926mm, 6ft)