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Q Quadro is a bold modern street lighting luminaire designed to enhance your streetscape and area projects.

The luminaire is available in 2 sizes, each with a range of optics and wattages, which means it can be used anywhere from urban roads and residential streets to pedestrian walkways. The OP optic is specifically designed for use on Pedestrian Crossings.

Q Quadro consists of an upper and lower frame in die-cast aluminium.


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Available options include

Optics available:

ST: Asymmetrical Optics for street lighting

S: Symmetrical Optics for urban lighting

OP: Asymmetrical Optics for pedestrian crossings

OC: Asymmetrical Optics for cycle and pedestrian routes.

AS: Asymmetrical Optics for lighting the exterior of buildings and other large areas.

Wattages available:

Q3 QUADRO – from 26W to 150W

Q5 QUADRO – from 100W to 400W

Mounting options:

  • on post-top (MT/Q series)
  • on brackets (MQ/C and MQ/L series)