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GA Grow Light

GA Grow Light it is the ideal solution for linear greenhouse lighting. Unlike the HPS lamps, the absence of high temperatures generated by the LED source, allows the installation of GA also very close to the plants and therefore makes it suitable also for vertical greenhouses.

The aluminium body, PMMA screen and the protection degree IP66 make the product ideal for installations in particularly humid environments, where maximum safety and reliability is required.

GA Grow Light is equipped with LED specially designed for horticulture in order to promote excellent plant growth, even in the absence of natural light.

Symmetrical optic beam-angle 80° LED engine composed of sources defined in spectral length:

BLU 445 nm 25%

RED 640 nm 40%

IPER RED 665 nm 35%

Key features are long life-time, efficient performance and low maintenance costs making it ideal for this type of application.

GA12 – GA15


Insulation class: I.

Protection degree: IP40 | IP66 (optional).

Mounting: universal fixing for ceiling, wall and suspension.

Operating temperature: -20°÷ +35°C.


Fixing: stainless steel.

Body: extruded aluminium, powder painted.
AEC High Performance Optic: 99.85% aluminium with a surface finish in 99.95% with vacuum-sealed deposition. Alluminium grade class A+ (DIN EN 16268).

Screen: PMMA.

Cable gland: plastic M20x1.5 – IP68.

Gasket (IP66 version): polyurethane, with no discontinous points.

Available options include


The GA Grow Light is available with DALI dimming option.