Techlight was established in 2008 with the aim of supplying high quality road and exterior lighting products to the New Zealand market.

Partnering with AEC Illuminazione, a long established Italian manufacturer renowned for their stylish luminaires and cutting edge lighting developments, we have supplied over 100,000 luminaires to date.

In 2012 we introduced the first Central Management System (CMS) for street lighting to Auckland Transport, partnering with Telematics Wireless. To date we have supplied over 100,000 luminaire control units throughout the country.

The Team at Techlight have a wealth of experience in supporting world-class lighting projects.

Summary of Services

At Techlight we provide lighting design support to consultants, engineers and developers to ensure the best possible end results both in exterior lighting and central management systems.

The support ranges from supply of latest technical and photometric data, peer reviewing of customer designs through to lighting designs fully compliant with the relevant standards. We also provide design and planning of Central Management Systems from small standalone installations to larger city installations.

All our products are approved and compliant with the NZTA M30 list as well as the electrical and safety requirements of NZ.

Partners and Suppliers

AEC Illuminazione – Road and Urban Lighting, Floodlights and Industrial Lighting

Charles Endirect – LED Belisha Beacons

Dark Licht – Sport, Airport Apron, Port & Large Area Lighting & Controls

NORKALighting for Extreme Operating Environments

Petrel – Hazardous Area Lighting

Survivor Lighting – Specialising in High Abuse and Correctional Applications

Swivelpole – Lowering Pole Systems

Telematics Wireless – CMS, Watermetering & IoT Systems

Westire Technology – Outdoor Lighting Controls and Accessories

Our Mission – Lighting your future

We are now one of the main suppliers to the exterior lighting industry, providing technically advanced, aesthetically pleasing, environmentally friendly, long lasting and cost-effective products, in short – Smart/Sustainable/Stylish. Our mission is to continue to offer high quality products, together with top level design and planning services to the lighting industry in New Zealand.

We believe the best lighting in the world is:


Technically advanced, Environmentally friendly, Aesthetically pleasing and also cost-effective.

SMART – The latest developments in remote lighting control are revolutionising road lighting management. Automatic sensors gather information from the location, this is conveyed to the CMS which automatically calculates the optimum light level for the conditions and remotely activates the luminaire’s dimming mechanism. Lighting becomes much more responsive, leading to fewer road traffic accidents and lower energy costs.

SUSTAINABLE – As our towns and cities grow, so do the number of lights. LEDs are leading the low energy lighting revolution. Latest luminaire design ensures 100% of the light emitted reaches the area to be illuminated and isn’t wasted spilling out onto the night sky. As part of a dynamically managed lighting system, LED luminaires are leading to energy savings as high as 60% for public lighting.

STYLISH – Lighting sets the tone for how we feel about a particular place. Lighting is predominantly about safety – keeping roads safe for all users and helping us feel secure after dark – but it’s also about making our towns and cities attractive places to live and work. Stylish luminaires enhance public spaces by day and create a friendly welcoming ambience after dark, seamlessly link car parks to amenities and build a vibrancy into the heart of where we choose to live.