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T-Light External Nema Socket LCU-C (Cellular)

Telematics T-Light External NEMA Socket LCU-C (Cellular Light Control Unit)

Installed on top of the luminaire (external “NEMA” configuration), enabling the transmission of information, and the reception of control commands for the luminaire. Includes built-in energy meter and possesses auto-commissioning functionality. The LCU-C also includes optional WiFi functionality to provide nearby internet access for devices or users.

In addition to all the functions of a standard LCU:


• Built-in MIMO RF antenna

• IPv6 and IPv4

• TCP/IP with dynamic IP addressing

• WIFI 802.11b/g/n access point

• Commands over the air for device WIFI and modem configuration

• Multiple IP addressing

• Port forwarding

• DHCP IP reservation for local WIFI client static IP addressing

• Over the air firmware upgrades

• Secured data protection

• 1-10V and/or DALI driver interfacing

• Auto commissioning using GPS coordinates

• 7-pin NEMA for external sensors

• Built in Multi-band LTE Cellular modem

The LCU-C can be configured to allow private and public WIFI networks (or a combination of both), depending on the clients needs.

The LCU-C requires no gateway (e.g. Galaxy, T-Light Pro, or LoRa), however it can be integrated into a single CMS that is composed of these networks. This also means that the LCU-C can be used as an affordable option to control and manage street lights outside the reach of an RF network, e.g. a small, far away town in a district with only a few street lights.

Available options include