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Italo 1 Luminaire is on the current M30/AT list of Approved Luminaires for New Zealand Transport Agency and Auckland Transport.

The ITALO series of luminaires has been developed to meet the needs of the most progressive Smart City. Designed specifically for lighting high traffic urban and suburban roads, the sleek, sculpted design fits perfectly with contemporary cityscapes, whilst offering unrivalled functionality, versatility and performance.

ITALO 1 – perfect for residential streets, cycleways and carparks

Frame and cover in die cast aluminum alloy UNI EN 1706.

Heat sink in die cast aluminum UNI EN 1706 with lamellar design.

Polyurethane seal.

Closure screen in flat tempered glass (4mm thickness) featured by high transparency and optimum thermal and mechanical resistance.

Optical unit in 99.85% aluminum.

Removable LED module.

Removable metal gear plate.

Watertight membrane gland.

Integrated cable clamp.

Post top or bracket attachment in die cast aluminum alloy UNI EN 1706 Ø33÷Ø60mm Ø60÷Ø76mm (optional).
– Post top tilt: 0°, +5°, +10°, +15°, +20°.
– Bracket tilt: 0°, -5°, -10°, -15°, -20°.

Closure hook in extruded aluminum with stainless steel spring.

IP66 protection degree.

Available options include

The Italo family of luminaires is available in a wide range of optics making it perfect for lighting highways, junctions, pedestrian crossings, urban and residential streets, cycle paths and car parks.

A full range of dimming options are available including Programmable and CMS ready