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Siena lantern luminaire brings a touch of authenticity to historic streetscapes and squares. It has options for post-top fixing and also suspended installation. It utilises AEC’s iBox LED module to ensure the luminaire’s efficiency matches its style.


Optical module die casting aluminium body with low copper content for high protection against aggressive marine environment.

Tempered glass PCG – Prismatic Comfort Glass, thickness 4mm.

Installations: prepared for mounting on a plate.

Removable optical and gear tray compartment.

Weight and dimensions iBox:

1-2 modules 204x140x113mm – 1.8kg max

3-4 modules 204x281x113mm – 3.6kg max

Weight and dimensions iBox Smart:

1-2 modules 178x140x63mm | Max. dimension 218x203x109mm – 1.8kg max

3-4 modules 178x281x63mm | Max. dimension 208x281x113mm – 3kg max

Protection degree:

iBox optical unit IP66 | driver IP67

iBox DALI optical unit IP66 | driver IP20


Insulation class: II (I optional).

Power supply: 220-240V – 50/60Hz.

LED current: 525mA | 700mA.

Power factor: > 0.9 (at full load).

Overvoltage protection up to 10kV in common and differential mode.

Integrated SPD 10kV-10kA, type II, provided with LED signalling and thermal fuse for end-of-life load disconnection.

LED source lifetime

≥100.000hr L90B10

≥100.000hr L90, TM-21


Modular optical system TRIO with aluminium reflector.

Led light source colour temperature: 4000K (3000K in option).

CRI: ≥70.

Available options include

Siena Lantern is available in 2 options:

SI 08 made of steel

SI 09 made of brass