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T-Light Internal LCU

Telematics T-Light Internal LCU

Installed inside the luminaire or lamp pole (internal configuration), enabling the transmission of information, and the reception of control commands for the luminaire. Includes built-in energy meter and possesses auto-commissioning functionality.

• Controls LED/HID luminaire to provide On/Off and dimming functionality using DALI or 0-10V and built in On/Off switch

• Luminaire power consumption measurement to 1% accuracy

• Analogue and digital input for interfacing with external sensors

• Internal or external enclosures

• Two types of Internal or external configurations enclosures- NEMA: ANSI C136.41, 7pin; or conduit wiring

• Dual backup protection – autonomous operation based on a pre-programmed scenario; built in light sensor (in external configuration), no dayburn

• Supports over the air firmware upgrade

• Data and settings preserved in case of power failure

• Data acquired and stored in unit even during communication loss

• LCU stores history of measured parameters for at least a week to allow for data extraction

• MTBF of over one million hours

• GPS receiver for autonomous registration and commissioning

• Controlled Auxiliary Output (optional)

Available options include