Extended opening hours mean we can all fit shopping around our individual lifestyles. But walking out of brightly-lit shopping malls to a gloomy car park can make us feel a bit uncomfortable about shopping after dark.

The key to enhancing the customer experience is to create an effective transition area between the stores and the car park, especially on pedestrian crossings.

By providing a consistent 100 lux to these transition areas, the human eye has time to adjust to the lower level of light in the car park and the “shock of the dark” is totally removed.

Techlight brought their cutting-edge LED technology to create a high level of light on the walkways between shops and into the carparks, without costing the earth.

TABLED: The sleek and unobtrusive design of TABLED modules was used to provide under-canopy lighting in the transition areas. This provides considerably more light at minimal extra energy use.

LED-in:The car parks have also benefitted from increased light levels, at the same time reducing energy consumption, by installing Techlight’s world-leading LED-in luminaires.