Tauranga City Council has chosen Techlight to supply 6,900 AEC I-TRON Zero luminaires and 8,500 Telematics Light Control Units (LCUs), all controlled across the topographically-challenging city area by two Telematics Wireless Galaxy Data Communication Units (DCUs).


Tauranga City Council chose the Galaxy STAR platform for its ability to control tens of thousands of managed wireless nodes with one gateway over a distance of up to 20 kilometres. The highly secure, privately licensed radio frequency eliminates interference from other RF users and guarantees that if a single node is compromised it will not have an effect on the functionality of any other node (or streetlight) on their network. By precise siting of the two DCUs, the connected lights within the Tauranga City Council geographic area are linked back and controlled by the Central Management Software (CMS) at the Tauranga Transport Operations Centre.

Installation of the LCUs and P-category lights by contractor McKay is almost complete.



Tauranga City Council’s investment in the Galaxy platform will result in environmental and cost benefits:

* Energy savings of 1.74 Giga-watt hours Carbon emissions reduction of 225 Tonnes

* Enablement of future dimming capabilities, allowing the potential for further savings

Huge level of service increase thanks to the system’s automatic fault reporting with precise GPS location

The ability to remotely monitor faults, set dimming profiles and measure the energy use for each light

Improved light quality by using AEC I-TRON Zero luminaires with warm-white LEDs (3000 Kelvin) to provide a more comfortable setting in residential areas and eliminate unnecessary light-pollution

Michael Jones – Traffic Systems Engineer, Tauranga City Council said “The attention to detail and customer focus provided by Techlight has been first class.”


The Internet of Things (IoT) is the next big advance in Smart City development and the Galaxy system is fully IoT-ready.  It provides the opportunity to extend Tauranga’s Smart City Network into the future, using the existing streetlight nodes and poles to support more Smart City sensors and controls.


Project: This project was designed and implemented through collaboration between Tauranga City Council and Techlight

I-TRON Zero luminaire: this high-performance, cost-effective luminaire from AEC Illuminazione is available in a range of sizes and optics. As part of the AEC Greenlight product range, I-TRON has been designed to meet the strictest standard for environmental sustainability.

Telematics Galaxy:  Telematics Wireless’ Wide Area Communication Network, using a licenced radio frequency band is now fully operational throughout Tauranga City Council area to manage the city’s street lighting, overcoming the topographic challenges of the city area. The Galaxy system is upgradable ‘over the air’ providing future proofing for technological advancements, it is scalable and can be adapted for various IoT applications, such as water resource management, remote metering and Smart City sensors.