Auckland Transport, having studied the development of LED street lighting and learnt from the experience of major cities world-wide, are now embarking on a major deployment of LED luminaires across the city. This allows the cost-effective implementation of their white light policy with up to 50% energy saving and lower cost of ownership.

Auckland Transport recognised the benefits of “white light” street lights for safety and comfort of all road users – motorists, cyclists and pedestrians – back in 2003:

  • imparts natural appearance due to better colour rendition and generates a feeling of security and wellbeing
  • makes city centres and places of interest appear more natural and attractive, and thereby attract more people
  • research indicates that ‘white’ light may reduce an observer’s reaction time under normal street lighting conditions.

However, the cost of installing metal halide luminaires (the only available white light technology at that time) was so high, their use was restricted to areas of highest road safety need and key pedestrian areas.

The advent of high quality LED luminaires has reduced the “cost of ownership” to a level that now makes them the number one choice for all street lighting.


Result: LED luminaires will allow Auckland Transport to reduce their street lighting power consumption by up to 50%. AEC’s Italo luminaires further reduce the cost of ownership by design:

  • their optical systems, developed by AEC’s R&D department, are built to cope with a wide range of installation geometries, giving a higher luminence to power ratio than many LED luminaires;
  • the quality of design and componentry gives the Italo a world-beating lifespan
  • future-proof design to allow for networking and programming