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Quick4Light- Innovative solution for SPORTS FACILITIES and LARGE AREAS

The power and flexibility of the AEC Smart System is perfect for use in small stand-alone lighting systems. In addition to automatic regulation of lighting, it is possible to manage the luminous flux according to the specific needs of the moment by means of real-time control of the system.

All the necessary operations for remote and real-time control of the system take place through a simple and intuitive interface, which can be accessed from a tablet or smartphone, without the use of external dedicated servers.

A graphic Interface, with keys and icons that are easy to use regulates the lighting level. The interface is accessible via the web from any authorised mobile device.

The fixtures are controlled directly from the panel installed near the system. All the control functions are guaranteed and the commands are sent to the fixtures in real time.

The control software is resident in the panel. There is no need to install an external dedicated server. System start-up can be carried out without the need for qualified personnel.

Available options include
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