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T-Light CMS-Pro Software is a powerful and intuitive fully-featured management solution for smart lighting systems, utilizing the Streetlight.Vision software platform.

It is applicable for all T-Light systems:
T-Light Basic
T-Light Pro and
T-Light Galaxy.

• A powerful web-based server application
• Controls and monitors luminaires remotely
• Efficiently manages assets over large geographic areas
• Configurable ON/OFF/dimming control via user-friendly scheduling app for individual and group of lights
• Dynamic map display of each luminaire and its parameters, including optional overall power consumption
• Encrypted data management system for collecting, saving, and presenting current and historical information
• Real-time individual and group broadcast Control – segments, junctions, neighbourhoods, and more
• Real-time alarms - delivered immediately
• Advanced configurable reporting mechanism
• Warns when luminaires approach end of life cycle
• Energy-saving analysis
• Detailed failure analysis reports
• Secure system access and user management
• May be deployed locally or provided as a cloud-based service

Available options include
Options and views available within the software include:
Dashboard Screen – access to various CMS functions
Scheduler Screen – Daily schedule profiler enabling pre-defined dimming levels
Equipment Inventory Screen – specific luminaire data
GIS Screen – Based on a Google map, the GIS option displays the Dashboard Screen – access to various CMS functions geographic location of each light pole with its dynamic parameters