HAZARDOUS LIGHTING >> Flood and Area Lights >> 8 series Floodlight (Ex de) Zone 1

Certification Code: Ex de II 2 GD IIB T2 – T3
Protection: IP 66

Heavy duty zone 1 hazardous area floodlight manufactured from marine grade aluminium and incorporating an adjustable beam feature.

Suitable for a range of lamps from 150W to 500W. Certified for use with SON, MBF and tungsten lamps. Lamp access is via a screwed cover for rapid lamp change.

May be mounted using adjustable pivot bracket or pole mounting points.

Fitted with symmetrical reflector as standard.

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Available options include
  • Pole mounting
  • Fully angular adjustable stirrup mounting

    8/150wSON-T/240/50 (150W SON version)
    8/250wSON-T/240/50 (250W SON version)
    8/400wSON-T/240/50 (400W SON version)
    8/250wMBI-T/240/50 (250W metal halide version)
    8/400wMBI-T/240/50 (400W metal halide version)
    8/500w/TH/240/50 (500W tungsten halogen version)
    8/250w/HPMV/240/50 (250W mercury vapour version)
    8/400wHPMV/240/50 (400W mercury vapour version)