Telematics was founded in 1996 as a spin-off of an Israeli communications leader, Tadiran Communication, with the idea to convert Tadiran’s most advanced military communication technology into civilian applications. Over 20 profitable years since and with over 14 million wireless M2M devices installed globally, Telematics Wireless today is a world leader in IoT (Internet of Things) and its most promising application – Smart Cities.

Telematics Wireless’ in-depth proficiency in RF technology puts the company in a prominent position as a Smart City leader, based on their streetlight control systems. Unlike other players who offer a single technology, Telematics believe that “One Size Does NOT Fit All”. Hence they developed different solutions for different environments.

T-LightTM – Telematics Wireless’ solution for Smart Lighting enables local authorities to benefit from an improved level of cost-effective, reliable and timely service, by controlling and managing street light operations through a networked communication infrastructure. It helps provide a safer, urban environment for people, and reduces carbon footprints, contributing to environmental sustainability.

T-Light Galaxy system is a long-range, wide-area, star network; the T-Light Pro Network is a wide area RF mesh topology network; and our T-Light LORA Network is a low-power, IoT standard star network. These systems are deployed and operational in North America, Europe, Asia and New Zealand.

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