I-TRON and ITALO LED luminaires now on approved products lists


I-TRON Zero Luminaire by AEC       


Approved Luminaires –  I-TRON and ITALO LED luminaires are now on the Auckland Transport (ATCoP) Approved Luminaires List and New Zealand Transport Agency (NZTA) M30 Accepted Luminaires List .

The new I-TRON luminaire delivers high efficiency and reliability, assured long lifetime and rapid payback.  

I-TRON luminaires by AEC

I-TRON Series is available in two different sizes: I-TRON Zero and I-TRON 1. Both the models are equipped with specific high efficiency aluminium optics, which assure excellent lighting level performance for different street applications. Through its wide range of size, optics and dimming options, it has been developed to meet the most complex lighting requirements.

I-TRON Zero and I-TRON 1 are part of AEC's Greenlight products range, designed according to the strictest Standard for a sustainable environment. Read more


The ITALO series of LED luminaires delivers the high quality light, excellent colour rendering and optimum energy efficiency expected from AEC. Its vibrant aesthetic design will bring a sophisticated edge to the city of the future.  


Born out of comprehensive research into economic modular forms and light perception, AEC presents the ITALO series of luminaires, developed to meet the needs of the most progressive Smart City. The sleek, sculpted design fits perfectly with contemporary cityscapes, whilst offering unrivalled functionality, versatility and performance.

The optical systems, developed by AEC’s R&D department, are built to cope with a wide range of installation geometries - making ITALO the ideal choice for public administration departments and lighting industry professionals.


  • One design, three different sizes.
  • Designed specifically for lighting high traffic urban and suburban roads.
  • Available in a wide choice of optics to maximise versatility

The ITALO 2 URBAN series has been designed for lighting a wide range of urban contexts, such as residential areas, parks, squares and city centres. The striking design is the result of careful research and beautifully highlights the quality of the materials used.

The pole-mounted ITALO 2 URBAN is joined by two additional versions which considerably expand the potential for the series:

  • on bracket TP version - ITALO 2 URBAN TP
  • suspended version - ITALO 2 URBAN TS

With ITALO, AEC continues the Italian heritage of design excellence with a touch of pizzazz. All ITALO luminaires are manufactured entirely within AEC’s Italian Headquarters, where "Made in Italy" is synonymous with excellence, style and performance.