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LED modular bar for outdoor and indoor lighting - great for under canopy and verandah.

TabLED bar is for use with TabLED modules, giving tremendous flexibility.
Body in galvanized and polished steel.
Heatsink in extruded aluminium (in each module).
Closing screen in flat tempered glass, 4mm thickness (in each module).
Closing screen in polycarbonate for remote phosphors (FR) version.
Protection degree IP66.
Insulation class II.

This device is classified in the “EXEMPT GROUP” category (zero photo-biological risk) in accordance with norm EN 62471.
Colour temperature: 3950K (S), 5000K (FR)
CRI (colour rendering index): 65 (S), 80 (FR)
LED feeding current: 525/700mA (T 25°C).

Available options include
TabLED bar is available in the following configurations:
9 LED (1 module): 600 x 180 x 65mm.
18 LED (2 modules): 745 x 180 x 65mm.
27 LED (3 modules): 885 x 180 x 65mm.
36 LED (4 modules): 1030 x 180 x 65mm.
45 LED (5 modules): 1170 x 180 x 65mm.
90 LED (10 modules): 1940 x 180 x 65mm.
135 LED (15 modules): 2650 x 180 x 65mm
(2950 x 180 x 65mm - 700mA version).
180 LED (20 modules): 3360 x 180 x 65mm
(3660 x 180 x 65mm - 700mA version).

Optics available:
S: symmetric optic.
FR: Remote phosphors

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